Respects for the man from the Future

I have great respect for Steve Jobs and everything he has worked towards. I think he was and still is a truly inspirational man who epitomizes a bright future. Steve Jobs saw the future and set to work to make it happen. I admire him in all respects. 

I admire his creativity, which will never be forgotten. I admire the way he kept many aspects of his life private. I admire his confidence and modesty - he always came across in a very human, down-to-earth manner. I admire his visions and determination because without them technology would not be what it is today.

When I heard of Steve Jobs’ death I froze for a moment. Thinking about how surreal it was that I had discovered this news on my Apple iPhone 3GS - a product which he had developed and released. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a PC or a Mac because either way Steve Jobs has been a key figure in the development of technology and what we have today. I doubt smart phones and tablets would be what they are today without Steve Jobs. Without him, I imagine we’d be years behind in terms of technology to what we have now. 

Steve Jobs inspired me to become interested and passionate about technology, without his influence I doubt I would eagerly read technology news, be making movies or writing blog posts. I am sure I am not the only one who wishes to have had a chance to meet him.

Steve Jobs - rest in peace, you are and always will be an inspiration. 

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